Teaching Guides

My books are often used in classrooms, and I've had many requests for teaching guides. After consultation with teachers and tutors, I've created teaching guides for the books that are most often used in schools. Each guide includes chapter quiz questions, discussion questions and projects that use skills in related subjects: Science, Math, History and Language. Please feel free to print these off and change them as your needs require. 

                 Keeper of the Light teaching guide

There's a fierce storm raging on Lake Superior. Faith must choose, either break her promise never to return to the lighthouse or risk her mother's life to the hands of an inexperienced keeper. (Historical fiction set in 1872 on Lake Superior.)

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                  Riding The Flume teaching guide

To save an ancient California sequoia Francie must first cope with her sister's death. (Historical fiction set in 1894 in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California.)

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I'd like these guides to be as useful as possible, so please email me with any suggestions you have for additions or modifications. If you have good experiences using them, I'd be delighted to hear them.