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My Life So Far...

I've always felt I was born into the wrong century. Even when I was little my favorite books were historical fiction: Caddie Woodlawn, Little House in the Big Woods, The Bronze Bow, and Witch of Blackbird Pond. Since I couldn't change the year of my birth, I write historical fiction instead. I live with my husband and an ever-changing variety of animals and wildlife on a ridgetop farm in southwestern Wisconsin, where sometimes I can pretend I'm living in the olden days. My 100 year old farmhouse is heated with wood, and in the winter I cook on a wood-burning cookstove that's even older than the house. My favorite activities, next to writing, are riding my bike, weeding the garden, and spending time with my three children and their partners. And their pets.


Me--Five Years Old

The view from my office.



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